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By invitation only

We invited the Curry-Heute blogger to come give us a try!

Our team reached out to the lovely Hector and Marg and invited them along to visit our restaurant as they were paying their first ever visit to the town of Bo’ness – and thankfully they agreed!

Upon reading their review, you will discover how their visit went and we would be safe to say they had a pleasurable experience with us! 

They cleared their plates, engaged in conversation with our owner Mohammed and they have gone on to explain their experience of the dishes they had the delight of trying during their visit. 

Here is just a little taste of their review…

An abundance of fish, a thick Masala, full of flavour, with strips of tomato adding to the overall flavour. I thoroughly enjoyed the dish, I liked the Naan.”

Take a look at their full review here. 



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